11 Cool Gifts for When You’re COVID Bored


These 11 cool gifts for when you’re COVID bored will help tame the life sucking beast called boredom that has a hold on most everyone. Is Ground Hog Day happening at your house more often than in the movie? (The front liners aren’t bored and thank you very much for your service!)

Travel isn’t an option right now but you may want to add a few gadgets to your travel arsenal and start dreaming about your next epic adventure.

Books and other goodies are included for your distraction or massaging your gray matter.

These cool gifts aren’t miracle workers but let’s face it we could all use a little help right now.


Cool Gifts for Boredom


New York City Jigsaw Puzzle

This 500 piece puzzle is a cool gift for boredom and will remind you to make a trip to the Big Apple when all is good. A 1,000 piece puzzle will fit on your dining room table because no one is coming over. But COVID has many of us feeling fatigued and a 500 piece puzzle is do able without too much trauma.


Travel Luggage Tag Puzzle

Antique Luggage Tags Crossword Puzzle


Your idea of cool gifts for boredom may require more than a 500 piece puzzle. Try your hand at this 1,000 piece puzzle and let your wanderlust flow while putting together this Antique Luggage Tags crossword puzzle. Plus there probably isn’t any one sitting at your dining room table right now anyway.

Writing to Calm Boredom


Blue leather journal

Dingbat’s Leather Wildlife Journal

A journal can be extremely helpful during really difficult times and help fill in some time when you’re bored during COVID. When you want to say something no one else needs to hear, a journal is your best friend. This quality leather journal comes in several colors. Their company name is clever and the reviews back up their product.


The Elements of Style

Journaling for sanity or putting together a future book? If improving your English writing skills intrigues you, “The Elements of Style,” (fourth edition) by William Strunk Jr. & E.B. White has been a go to tool for English excellence since 1917 when the first edition came out. Solid, to the point and very helpful. If you want to elevate you English whether in work emails, or a book you’re starting to pen and you don’t want it to sound like you’re texting grab this book.

Other Cool Gifts



Godiva Chocolates

Your favorite chocolate shop closed because it’s non essential? Scandalous! Sacrilege! Luckily we still have delivery people (Thanks first responders!) and these chocolates are sure to please the pickiest of tastebuds. Who doesn’t like Godiva chocolates?



Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box, 48 Count

Grab a book that takes you far, far away. Add in your chocolates and a cup of tea and you’ll be on your way to solid relaxation. Taylors Tea comes in 8 varieties in a 48 count box.


Ready for Virtual Travel?


National Geographic World Atlas

Ready for virtual travel? Sit on the floor or at your dining room table and open this National Geographic World Atlas (it’s a BIG book) and prepare to get sucked down the rabbit hole. Be it by yourself or with your kids, the world wide adventures you can experience with virtual travel, sitting in your living room are endless. There is so much information in this atlas it’s hard to put down. Combine it with National Geographic’s, “Destinations of a Lifetime,” below for an epic gift giving experience.


Destinations of a Lifetime National Geographic

National Geographic propels you on a photographic tour of the world’s most spectacular destinations. Traveling to hundreds of the most breathtaking places on earth right from your living room. The images are coupled with inspiring text. Open this awe inspiring book for ancient monoliths, mind blowing islands and  stunning artwork. It covers places to stay, where to eat and virtually anything else you can think of to have an epic virtual adventure or help plan your next vacation. Buy the Atlas above this for a perfect gift set.


Cool Gift Games


Gifts for COVID Bored



Bananagrams is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Cool word games come and go but this one is here to stay. Grab your housemates and prepare for fun while scrambling to find words. Perfect fun for the reserved or rambunctious.


20 cool gifts dry bag

10L 20L Dry Bags

11 cool gifts had to include Earth Pak Dry Bags. Dry bags are a lifesaver having multiple uses for a day trip or epic travels. They’ll keep your gear dry while boating, going to the beach or at that much anticipated day out of the house. Keeping drinks and food on ice while easy to carry make this a great addition to any gear. And it comes with a waterproof phone case.


Marbles in a tin



Losing your marbles? No worries. You can pick some up right here. Marbles are a timeless favorite for people of all ages. This retro tin comes with 160 marbles of all colors and makes for easy storage.


These 11 cool gifts for when you’re COVID bored will help keep you busy during those long days and nights. Whether you’re stuck at home by yourself or hunkered down with family these gifts will help tame the life sucking beast called boredom


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Purchasing one or more of these items won’t cost you a penny more but will put a couple of much appreciated pennies in my pocket!

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