You dream about traveling the world.

You’re a globetrotter just waiting to be unleashed.

You love discovering wondrous new sights and going on mind-blowing adventures. It’s your motivation for going to work everyday.

You’re hooked on scouring the internet for airfare sales and adventure tours. It keeps your dream of mind-blowing adventures alive.

But making that happen can be a daunting task. Work schedules and family obligations can side rail the best made plans.

You need to find ways to travel when money is at a minimum. You can’t afford a crazy expensive vacation but your heart tells you that you can’t afford to put off traveling any longer.

I started GutsyGlobetrotters.com because I want to help you realize your travel dreams.

I want to help you go on spectacular adventures to unbeatable destinations even if you’re on a tight budget.

I’ve traveled for 36 months, over the last 12 years, to 16 countries on five continents. I’ve stayed in fancy hotels, Airbnbs, motels, hostels and slept in airports.

My travel experiences and the insights I’ve gained can offer you valuable solutions to traveling glitches that are avoidable. You’ll find excellent tips from some of the lessons I learned the hard way.

Whatever your Bucket List looks like, I want to help you make those dreams come true!

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