3 Types of Travel Foodies: Which One Are You?

You’ve watched your “I’ll Try Anything” Foodie friend order the most exotic things she can find on a menu.

Your “Fairly Adventurous” Foodie friend will try most things but generally sticks to food she knows and trusts.

Then there’s your “I’m a Chicken” Foodie friend who considers an artichoke a frighteningly, exotic food.

I’ve tried dishes from around the world over the years. Reading about some of these dishes from several continents will give you food for thought.

Now figuring out what kind of Travel Foodie you are will be easy!


Does This Food Make Your Skin Crawl Or Your Mouth Water

Street Food, Bangkok, Thailand Photo by Donna Kos

Imagine you’re in a foreign country.

The menu is in another language with a loose English translation.

It’s a little unnerving.

Does that really mean Guinea Pig?

Your neighbor had one for a pet so you vaguely remember what they look like. Seems like an unlikely menu item but you are half way around the world.

Hungry, your eyes search for something you’re slightly familiar with. Relief washes over you when you see the chicken with rice and a small salad.

That sounds safe…

The woman at the table next to you orders her meal.

The food orders come out at the same time.

You glance over at her plate and stifle a scream.

The little legs are pointed up.

Little claws intact.

The snout too!

She looks down at her plate. Her eyes widen as a grimace washes over her face.

She sighs and reaches for extra napkins and covers up the head and feet.

Feeling your stare, she says nonchalantly, “It cost too much. I’m going to eat it. Want to try some?”

If your reaction is, “sure, why not?” Congratulations, you’re a “I’ll Try Anything” Foodie. I admire your bravery. Nothing is too out there for you to give it a shot. I bet you’re very adventurous in every aspect of your life.

On the other hand, if the thought of eating a guinea pig makes you squirm in your seat, and there’s no way you’ll even try a single bite, keep reading…


Do These Foods Make You Squirm or Curious

Kangaroos Yeppoon, Australia Photo by Donna Kos

I was so excited to see kangaroos at the golf course in Yeppoon.

I told every clerk my host and I saw that I had seen kangaroos!

“I saw kangaroos!!”

They gently rolled their eyes and smiled.

“Now I just want to eat kangaroo!” I told a clerk.

“They sell it at Woolies” he said pointing across the way.

So I went in, and grabbed some Roo Fillets and went back to my host’s house to marinate them.

The meat is best cooked medium rare. It was mouth watering. A tender meat with a bold, rich flavor. If I hadn’t known when I took my first bite, I might have thought it was filet mignon.

If you like tacos, kangaroo tacos are excellent and easy to make anywhere you have a kitchen. Use all the same ingredients as traditional tacos substituting kangaroo for beef.


Photo by Donna Kos


Moreton Island, Australia is the 3rd largest sand island in the world.

There you’ll find a sought after delicacy. Moreton Bay Bugs.

Although I’m quite gutsy when it comes to trying food, the name was enough to make me do a double take.

It’s a member of the slipper lobster family. Every crustacean I’ve had the pleasure of tasting has had a similar flavor. Rich and decadent.

They tasted divine!

If you’re okay with trying kangaroo and Moreton Island Bay Bugs, you’re a “Fairly Adventurous” Foodie! If you can’t begin to think about that, keep reading…


Do These Foods Make You More Comfortable



Although the streets in Ecuador are dirt. They are lined with restaurants that serve a wide variety of food.

A food cart sits to one side of the street. A man sells Hamburguesa Completas.

There’s a long line of locals, travelers and tourists.

Imagine an American cheeseburger. Add an over easy egg, slice of ham, and all the traditional toppings. Your delectable treat gets wrapped up in paper. You take a bite as you walk away wishing you had grabbed more napkins.

The flavors explode in your mouth. The ham and egg add a whole new dimension. Pleased with your semi-risky choice you smile as juice drips down your chin.

As you walk toward the beach there’s more food carts.

Fresh fruit smoothies are made with tropical fruit. Sandwiches and cocktails with every sort of ingredient are around every corner.

A petite Ecuadorean woman runs a small food cart next to the beach.

Her empanadas are mouth watering. They’re simple, light pastries filled with chicken, beef or crab, and only a few dollars each.

The crab empanada calls your already full stomach. You cave in and buy one. You take a bite. It’s irresistible!



Australia’s Chia pudding’s looks took me by surprise. It’s luscious and creamy. It has tiny seeds and is usually topped with some mango, blueberries or coconut shavings.

The iconic, Aussie meat is also a safe bet. The pie is puff pastry filled with ground mince(beef), chopped onions salt and pepper. It’s served with tomato sauce which is very similar to ketchup.

If you like sweets, The Tim Tam won’t frighten you one bit. It also has a cult following. It’s a chocolate covered biscuit with a light chocolate cream filling.

To perform the legendary, Australian “Tim Tam Slam”, bite each end off of the cookie. Use one end like a straw in a hot beverage for a few seconds then pop the whole warm treat in your mouth.

Are you relieved to finally see some foods that you would be willing to give a shot? Then you probably already guessed you’re a “I’m a Chicken” Foodie. Don’t worry though, there’s nothing wrong with that!

Bangkok, Thailand Photo by Donna Kos


Are you the gutsy “I’ll Try Anything” Foodie?

Perhaps you’re the “Fairly Adventurous” Foodie.

Maybe you’re the “I’m a Chicken” Foodie who watches while others eat all kinds of crazy food.

There’s nothing wrong with living vicariously through the “I’ll Try Anything” Foodies.

Which ever Foodie you are, there are so many delicious dishes to try that your taste buds will never get bored.

Whatever level of adventure you’re comfortable with, trying new foods will broaden your horizons.

And your taste buds will thank you!


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