How to Come Home From Vacation With Awesome Photos That Your Friends Will Want to See

Plus Some Pictures From Thailand, French Polynesia, Australia and New Zealand


You’ve just been on a mind blowing vacation. 

Everything was so beautiful that you found yourself taking pictures like a crazy person.

At the end of the day you glanced at them and saw some fantastic shots.


You also saw a lot of pictures that needed to be deleted.


I just spent seven months on two continents in four countries. 

Most days I take about 200 pictures.

That’s about 42,000 pictures!

That can be a problem.

Not even your best friend wants to wait for you to scroll thru your phone to find that mind-blowing picture.

These easy tips will make managing your photos effortless. 

So when you get home and want to share your adventure it will be met with enthusiasm, instead of the groan, kindly followed by, “Oh sure, I want to look at your vacation photos…” 


Be Brutal When You Edit

Temple near PaTong, Thailand Photo by Donna Kos

Sit down once a day and edit your work. I take a lot of sunrise pictures. Everyday, or damn close to it, I sit down and start hitting the delete button.




If I have 20 of the same sunrise I look at them on thumbnails and start to decide which ones have the most promise.

Scroll back and forth from the ones that are very similar and make a choice. You don’t need two or 10 of the same picture!

Sunrise Yeppoon, Australia Photo by Donna Kos








BIG Bats Byron Bay,Australia  Photo by Donna Kos

Most days I delete 90% of what I







Later when I look back I delete even more…


Moorea, French Polynesia Photo by Donna Kos

French Polynesia is where the roosters reset my clock to wake up before sunrise. Everyday. After a month it stuck and I still wake up before sunrise seven months later.

The Dock at my Hosts Photo by Donna Kos


Start Putting Your Pictures in Folders


Goat Island, New Zealand Photo by Donna Kos

If you haven’t used photo folders, you’re not alone!

It’s easy just like deleting but requires you spend the time. An option comes up when you go to send your picture somewhere. And starting new folders is a breeze.

Do this after choosing your favorites so finding them is pain free!

Lagoon French Polynesia, Photo by Donna Kos

You may also find you don’t have as many pictures to edit as you anticipate. In my case I was just getting used to the underwater case for my phone and had very few pictures! Operator Error!


How to Tackle the Project If You’re Already Home 
Sunrise Byron Bay, Australia Photo by Donna Kos

If you feel overwhelmed, don’t lose hope!

You know you want to be able to look back at your awe-inspiring pictures.

You want it to be effortless to find those fantastic memories.

Schedule 20 minutes a day to edit and file your pictures. If you can only do that three days a week so be it.

If you don’t they’ll just sit there…

And sit there…


Low tide Algies Bay Photo by Donna Kos

You know you have to be brutal when you edit!

When you sit down at the end of the day and scroll through your pictures you’ll know what you’re up against.

You know you’ll have to spend some time cutting out the garbage and saving the phenomenal photos.

Putting your pictures in folders will make finding those incredible shots effortless.

Now the stellar memories of your unforgettable adventure are at your fingertips!

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2 thoughts on “How to Come Home From Vacation With Awesome Photos That Your Friends Will Want to See”

  1. I recommend editing with Luminar 4 from Skylum Software and learning it with free YouTube tutorials from Jim Nix. Very powerful yet easy to learn the basics.

    Unlike the complexity and monthly payments for life of Adobe Photoshop, you buy Luminar ONCE, for around $70 using affiliate links.

    Skylum has a Facebook group where users post their best work and can get critiqued by professional photographers.

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