3 Areas of Melbourne with Street Art Travelers Won’t Want to Miss

You want to see great artwork but queuing up in a line and paying $30+ dollars to go to an art museum doesn’t fire your rockets.

You would rather wander the city and be able to see art work along the way.

You want to see mind blowing visuals without destroying your budget.

Melbourne has staggering amounts of jaw-dropping things to see.

I’ve traveled over 5 continents in the last 12 years. I’m always looking for things to do and see for free.

Melbourne’s awe-inspiring murals are rivaled by no other city.

And, their mass transit makes it ridiculously easy to get around.

If you need an incentive to explore Melbourne, the stunning art work in these neighborhoods will make your adventure unforgettable.


1. Victoria Street in Richmond Delivers more than Vietnamese Food


Photo by Donna Kos
Photo by Donna Kos

Victoria Street is Melbourne’s version of Little Vietnam.

The food and people watching are amazing, but the incredible street art is unbeatable.

Even the roll down doors on store fronts have murals on them. I’m not talking about tagging, although there’s plenty of that. But, striking art work that makes you stop and stare.

If your eyes are looking for stimulation, this area is a must see. And, prepare yourself for jaw-dropping discoveries around nearly every corner.

Photo by Donna Kos
2. Collingwood’s Diverse Neighborhood is Graced with Stunning Art Work
Photo by Donna Kos
Photo by Donna Kos

Collingwood is a lively neighborhood with a diverse culture.

Outstanding restaurants abound, with outdoor seating and lovely groups of people enjoying life.

Storefronts of every kind grace every street. Traditional pubs are flanked by storage facilities.

As you stroll down the street, each alley seems to be graced by a beautiful mural.

While eating lunch, you see a 20-foot tall mural of three women, in black and white, on the facing building. She seems to be looking at you while you’re having lunch. The artwork is stunning.

Vibrant murals grace high rises and alleys alike.

Stroll through Collingwood and take in all it has to offer.

Photo by Donna Kos
3. Chapel Street on South Yarra Offers More Than Just Upscale Restaurants and Boutiques


Photo by Donna Kos
Me on Chapel Photo by Donna Kos

Besides Chapel Street’s plethora of upscale boutiques and restaurants, you’ll also find farmer’s markets and 7–11’s.

It’s a very walkable area and the amount of street art is rivaled by no other Melbourne neighborhood. If you blink, you’re liable to miss a stunning mural.

Most of the murals are 20+ feet high covering the entire side of the building. Some cover the entire side of much larger buildings.

Getting there to see this outdoor Art Museum is effortless with the trams, trains and buses.

Be sure sure your camera is charged! You may find yourselves snapping more pictures than you ever imagined.

Photo by Donna Kos

You want to embrace the vibrancy of Melbourne.

The staggering amount of art work around every corner is mind-blowing.

Being able to freely access this outdoor Museum of Art feels like a guilty pleasure.

Having so many neighborhoods to explore leaves you grateful that the mass transit is excellent and so easy to use.

Now you can venture out in Melbourne knowing you are guaranteed to take in extraordinary sites without taking out your wallet.

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