2019 Ultimate Guide for Travel Gifts (100 Rock-Solid Travel Gifts!)

THIS 2019 Ultimate Guide for Travel Gifts will save you valuable time.

Research to find an extraordinary travel gift can eat away an afternoon without scratching the surface.

You would love to find an off the hook travel gift.

A comprehensive list of travel gifts for any kind of traveler will make your life easier.

You’re planning your next epic adventure and want your gear to be just as amazing.

Packing for multiple continents, climates and cultures can be challenging. Weight, cost and value are significant factors.

In 13 years I’ve traveled 41 months visiting five continents.

This Ultimate Guide for Travel Gifts will simplify your search and make your next adventure.

Travel Gift Categories:

1. Travel Gadgets

2. Pamper Yourself with these Unique Luxury Travel Gifts

3. Travel Gifts for Him and Her

4. Travel Bags and Organizers to simplify Packing

5. Adventure Travel Gifts

6. Travel Gifts for Book Lovers

7. Travel Gifts for Sleep and Health 

8. Best Travel Gifts for Photographers

9. Electronic Travel Gifts for Your Adventurer

10. Safety Travel Gear

11. Travel Gifts for Your Water Lover

12. Travel Gifts for at Home


So look no further for the Top 100 Travel Gifts!


1. Travel Gadgets

1. Lifestraw

If you want to insure you can drink safe water anywhere you go, this is a must have item.



2. Cabeau Evolution Travel Neck Pillow

You know who I’m talking about…

Those people who are actually sleeping on a plane.

Look closely (or better yet ask them when they wake up) and you may find it’s a Cabeau Neck Pillow!



3. Portable luggage scale

Standing at check in with your baggage open, trying to take out a few pounds of anything has you completely frazzled. This compact scale helps reduce one more stressful aspect of travel by taking out the guess work.



4. Monogrammed Flask

Attractive and compact, this flask is a nice addition for any traveler who likes a shot before they fly.



5. Smith’s CCKS Knife Sharpener

Love this compact knife sharpener! Whether in an AirBnb or a hostel, I need sharp knives. Mine has been on 5 continents and is still going strong.



6. Walking Stick

From navigating uneven terrain to scaring off wild dogs, this is an awesome, multi use, compact addition for any traveler.



7. RTIC Travel Cup

My RTIC Cup is my backpacking luxury item. Although it’s weight was a consideration, I don’t leave home without it. It will keep hot things hot and ice lasts longer than you would imagine. Leave the lid off if you pour a cup of coffee or you’ll have to wait 30 minutes for the first sip.




8. Tide Go Stain Removal

A woman in my hostel worked magic on white shorts with this product. I was stunned.



9. Scrubba

This compact washing machine substitute is awesome if you’re traveling on any kind of extended trip. Works like a charm and can save you from packing excessive amounts of clothes.



10. Poncho

Small, light and very handy in a rogue rain storm. Keep one in your day bag and know that you’ll be dry and your electronics will have a good chance too!



11. Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

You’ll find this indispensable while camping, walking a dark street because the power has gone out, or camping.



12. Moleskin Cahier Journal

A great travel journal for anyone who wants to remember the small details of the day during an adventure.




13. HYDAWAY Collapsible Water Bottle

A wonderful product that delivers. Being able to compress it makes it an ideal travel gift and handy when packing.



14. LifeTek Travel Umbrella

This umbrella may not be hurricane certified, but it will perform very well in significant downpours. And it easily fits into your day bag.



15. ESPRO Travel Coffee Press

This compact coffee press is a must have for serious coffee lovers.



2. Unique Luxury Travel Gifts


16. Korchmar Travel Bag

This luxurious travel bag feels soft to the touch and will enhance every aspect of your travels. Each time you touch this bag, you’ll enjoy and appreciate the quality of this beautiful travel bag.



17. TSA Compliant Leatherman Tread Tempo Watch

This totally awesome Leatherman has put more features on a watch than anyone else.



18.  Leatherman Wave Plus Multitool

Another great Leatherman tool with 18 tools.




19. Leatherman Squirt

Keychain size that packs a lot into a small package.



20. Leatherman Tread

Leatherman’s TSA approved bracelet. It has 29 tools and is adjustable. Comes in black and silver. It’s wider than the Leatherman Tread LT.



21. Leatherman Tread LT

This TSA approved bracelet is .71 inches wide with 29 tools and adjustable links. Also comes in black and silver. This is on my wish list!



22. Leatherman Style PS

This Leatherman comes with spring action scissors and grooming tools.




23. KOMALC Genuine Buffalo Leather Unisex Dopp Kit

For the traveler who prefers the feel of leather for their toiletries.



24. MaleDen Journal Leather

A lovely journal for you favorite traveler who likes to document the day, creating lifelong memories. Although it isn’t expensive, it has the look of luxury.



3. Travel Gifts for Him and Her

25. Buff Multiuse Scarf

A versatile, stylish scarf that provides zippered pockets to hold your most important items. Passport, credit cards and lip balm fit into discrete pockets in a scarf you can wear anywhere. There are lots of colors to choose from too.



26. Compass Rose Secret Bra Wallet RFID

A nice addition to keep your passport and credit cards safe.



27. BauBax Pants for Men and Women

These guys don’t mess around when it comes to quality products. These pants are on my wish list for sure! The features are off the hook. If you travel at all, or if you sit at a desk and live vicariously through me or other travelers, check these out!



28. BauBax Jackets

The jackets as well as the pants have so many features that I’m going to send you to their website. You’ll be blown away!




29. BauBax Sweatshirt

You know a sweatshirt is a staple in a traveler wardrobe. BauBax delivers once again.



30. Columbia Trail Pants

These pants keep you comfortable while on the go and can be paired with a blouse to dress them up. They have several pockets to safely store valuables and roll up to capris when it gets warmer.




31. Babyliss Pro Nano Hairdryer Smart

If a hair dryer is a must pack item for you, this one won’t disappoint. I don’t dry my hair much but my hairdryer has saved my French Polynesian host’s keyboard when he spilled tea on it, and two baby chicks that got caught in a rogue storm!



32. Slate Travel Garment Folder

Enjoy wrinkle free dress shirts when you unpack your bag.




33. Wrinkle Wiz Garment Spray

A great product to keep you looking sharp and wrinkle free.



34. Underwear and Bra Organizer

Keep your undergarments where you can find them with this handy organizer.




35. Silk Scarf

A nice silk scarf feels soft on your skin and can serve multiple purposes. Also, having a cover up in some countries is essential.



36. Foldable Panama Hat

You like the idea of having a hat on your travels but most aren’t travel worthy unless you want to wear them on the plane. This unisex, foldable hat is stylish and built for travel.



37. Sarong

A must have in my backpack. Can double as a towel on the beach, a curtain in a hostel dorm room if you get a lower bunk not to mention various clothing options.



38. Norelco Vacuum Trimmer

Having a vacuum on this compact, versatile trimmer makes cleanup a breeze. No more leaving a mess in the sink!


4. Travel Bags and Organizers


39. IKEA Hanging Sectional Bag

This is my absolute favorite organizer! It weighs next to nothing. It’s super compact and makes unpacking wherever you end up a breeze. You can hang it from a closet or a dorm bunk. Great for home too!



40. High Sierra Wheeled Backpack Freewheeled Laptop Backpack

Looking for a backpack you don’t have to carry that will accommodate electronics and have room for some essentials? Look no further!



41. Go Tubb 3 pack 2 oz

You can open these with one hand! They are a slam dunk for smaller items you don’t want to be bouncing around in your baggage.



42. Yamu 7 Piece Packing Cubes

It took me a while to embrace packing cubes. I picked these up last year and have enjoyed being able to find my travel gear. One for shirts, one for pants and shorts, not to mention the TSA approved clear bag for my carry on toiletries. When I get wherever I’m going I use the shoe bag for my dirty laundry.



43. Gonex 80L, 27” Packable Duffle Bag

Great to take home all the treasures you find while on you adventure. It’s so compact that if you don’t use it you still won’t regret having brought it along for the ride.



44. Vlando Portable Travel Jewelry Box

You will be able to find your earrings, and all your jewelry without having to dig around in your bag.



45. Avantree 20 Reusable Cord Organizer

Keeping cords, earbuds and chargers organized makes your life easier when you travel.



46. Earth Pak Dry Bags 10L, 20L

Dry bags can be a lifesaver and have multiple uses while you’re traveling. From keep gear dry while boating to going to the beach and keeping your beer and food on ice. They’re compact and versatile making them a great addition to any travelers gear. Comes with a waterproof phone case.



5. Adventure Travel Gifts


47. Outdoorsman Lab Camping Sleeping Pad

Whether you’re camping or get stuck sleeping in an airport this pad will provide much needed comfort.



48. Trek & Travel Laundry Wash

A remarkably small amount of this detergent will handle a load of laundry. Compact and TSA approved makes it perfect for carry on.



49. Sea to Summit DryLite Microfiber Travel Towel

A must have for campers and backpackers alike. Can double for a small beach towel. Remarkably absorbant and fast drying.



50. BioLite Campstove 2

This isn’t your grandma’s camp stove. Wood burning, smokeless and creates electricity to charge your phone. You can burn twigs, or any other renewable biomass.



51. BioLite Campstove 2 Bundle

This package comes with a tea kettle and grill for your dining pleasure.



52. MPowerD Luci Outdoor 2.o Inflatable Solar Light

This is such a cool product. I love that is deflates and packs up so small yet provides light!



53. ENO doublenest Hammock

Room for two? String up this hammock for ultimate comfort.



54. Teton Backpack

My backpack has been on the road for over 13 years. When I retire my current pack this is the one that is on my wish list.



55. Yoga Subscription

Gaia.com will be sure to please Yoga lovers on the road that can’t sign up for a class and can’t live without it.



6. Travel Gifts for Travelers that Love Books


56. Ultimate Journeys for Two

A delightful read whether at home or on the road.



57. National Geographic Atlas

This is my ‘go to’ gift whether someone travels or not. When you open up this atlas, be prepared to get sucked down the rabbit hole. It’s an absolutely beautiful compilation of maps and data.



58. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Your reading junkie will love this easy to read screen that can go anywhere.




59. Vagabonding by Rolf Potts

A must have read for anyone who is contemplating long term travel or wants to live vicariously through Rold Potts.



60. The Best American Travel Writing 2018

Delve into some amazing travel stories!



61. National Geographic The Covers

A compilation of covers from one of the best magazines in the world.



62. Lonely Planet Best of Travel 2019

Hard to miss with a Lonely Planet Travel Book!



63. The Grand Hostels – Luxury Hostels of the World by Budget Traveller

An amazing book that delivers a unique view into luxury hostels.



7. Travel Gifts for Sleep and Health While You Travel


64. Compression Socks

For comfort while you fly aiding in circulation, not to mention you can wear them through security in the airport and keep your feet clean.



65. Dermatologica Antioxidant Hydramist Facial Mist

A spritz of this delightful product will instantly make your face feel more fresh.  Also carry on size.



66. UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Keep your Toothbrush fresh and clean while traveling, whether you’re in a 5 Star hotel or a hostel.



67. Legal Nomads Gluten Free Restaurant Cards

Jodi Ettenberg has learned how to travel all over the world and deal with celiacs. Jodi tried other cards that were out there to no avail.  She has produced these hugely valuable cards for multiple countries to help you stay healthy when you travel. When you sit down in a restaurant, halfway around the world, you’ll have the proper tool to make sure you’re getting food that is delicious and safe for you to eat.




68. Pacian Cleaning Towelettes by Burt’s Bees

Freshen up when the need arises! Burt’s Bees doesn’t disappoint.



8. Best Travel Gifts for Photographers


69. Portable Travel Camera Tripod Jody GorillaPod

This compact, lightweight tripod can wrap around railings and small tree branches. The Bluetooth remote makes taking pictures of groups or a selfie, that doesn’t look like a selfie, a breeze.



70. Moment Camera Lens Cleaning Pen

Pick up this easy to use lens cleaning pen for your phone and say goodbye to fuzzy pictures.



71. Life Proof Waterproof Case

A go to in the waterproof phone case arena.



72. GoPro Hero 7 Black

GoPro makes amazing things happen. If you want to spoil your photographer, this could do it!



73. Drone DJI Mavic Pro2

Imagine the photos you could take with a drone. This is another item to spoil your photographer!



74. Moment Lens

A great addition for you iPhone. Moment Lens will take your pictures to the next level.



9. Electronic Travel Gifts for Your Adventurer


75. KOOMTSO Bluetooth Earbuds

Sweating during workouts or hiking in the jungle won’t compromise these earbuds. And sharing music is a breeze with no cords! Noise canceling too!



76. International Travel Adapter

I love this compact adapter that eliminates the need to take numerous adapters and works in 150 countries.




77. Anker PowerCore 10,000

This charger is size of a credit card but a little thicker. You can charge your iPhone 8 Plus 2.5 times. And it has the fastest charge time!



78. Belkin Mini Surge Protector

Regardless of your travel style, this should be in your bag! Having a compact surge protector with three outlets and two USB charging ports makes life easy!



79. StarTech Headphone Spliter

If you want to watch a movie on a flight together, this is the way to go.



80. Amazon Fire Stick + Echo Dot

After a day at the beach you may want to chill out and watch a movie, or two.



81. JBL Flip4 Bluetooth Portable Stereo Speaker

Take your tunes anywhere and enjoy quality sound.



10. Safety Travel Gear


82. RFID Blocking Wallet

Protecting you Passport and credit cards can insure you don’t get blindsided during your vacation.



83. Padlock

Locking up your most important items can bring you peace of mind. A padlock is especially helpful if you’re staying in a hostel that has high turnover.



84. GE Security Door Stop Alarm

Very cool item especially if you’re traveling alone. When you turn out the lights, you’ll be able to rest easy.



85. All Weather Safety Whistle Storm Alert

Attach this to any day bag. This whistle is loud enough to startle anyone who means you harm. And if you or your traveler are going to sea, it’s must have. It even works under water!



86. Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Scarves

A stylish way to keep your passport, phone and credit cards secure.




86. Beta LT Hybrid Jacket for Men

For the serious outdoorsman. A great jacket with lots of features to maximize comfort and convenience.




87. Beta LT Hybrid Jacket for Women

This stylish jacket is for the serious outdoors woman. A great jacket with lots of features to maximize comfort and convenience.



88. Packsafe Travelsafe Portabel Safe

Travel tested by veteran travelers.



89. World Nomad Travel Insurance

Check out how affordable and comprehensive this insurance is and you’ll be hard pressed to think of a reason not to buy it. The list of  adventures covered is quite extensive. There are basic plans and ones that cover safaris, bungee jumping and most anything you can think of.



11.Travel Gifts for Your Water Lover


90. Water shoes

Great for the beaches that have shells instead of sand and to use at pools as well.


91. Mpow 097 Universal Waterproof Case

Easy to use, keeps your phone safe and takes quality pictures underwater.



92. Copia design Snorkel set with full face mask and adjustable flippers.

A full face mask makes snorkeling a breeze even for beginners.



93. Casio men’s W800H-1AV Waterproof Watch

Super affordable watch for when you need a waterproof timepiece.



94. Alba SPF 50 Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a given but it’s so important to make sure you have coral reef friendly sunscreen on!



12. Travel Gifts for at Home


95. These throw pillows will remind you of past adventures and ones to come.





96. SLPR Paperboard Suitcases

Fun, decorative and can be used to store vacation mementos too!



97. Table Top Blue Lapis Ocean World Globe

This globe is covered in semiprecious stones to make up the countries and oceans. I got this globe from my mom. It’s a favorite of mine and a stunning addition to any room.



98. Legal Nomads Food Maps

Jodi Ettenberg’s maps were designed by people who love food! Numerous countries are available.



99. Old World Map Travel Coasters

A great addition to any travelers home.




100. Airportag

Airportag has shirts, maps and numerous other gift ideas that are quite clever. Many can be personalized making a fantastic gift that won’t get stuck in a drawer!



Finding amazing travel gifts can be daunting. Having an Ultimate Guide for Travel Gifts can save you time and energy.

The travel gifts here are used by myself and many of my travel friends.

Now you can find the travel gift you need knowing you’re getting a great product!



(When you buy a product through most of the links I provided, I will get a small commission. You’ll never pay more than the price at the original site and it will help keep GutsyGlobetrotters going!)

Have an epic day!





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